Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Is it weird to call yourself a follower when we are always taught to be leaders? Do all leaders know when they are leading. I myself considered myself a follower most of my life, and was often irritated when people would ask me to "lead" out in things because I was a natural born leader. WHAT? That can't be so, because I don't like to lead out in things. I don't consider myself good at 'leading' out in things, so why do people consider me to be a leader?
Okay, so I LOVE teaching people of all ages, the little ones, the youth, the collegiate (I am the collegiate leader at church) and I am a college professor, the older people (the group gets smaller and smaller as I grow older and older!)--at a community college, I get to teach people who are much older than me (that sounds sooooo good to say!).
But does that make me a leader?
I mean, sure I have planned field trips for hundreds of kids, and activities for hundreds, but does that make me a leader? Sure I have preached at church and led out in praise service, and directed plays seen by hundreds, and told stories to thousands, but does THAT make me a leader?
Wowzers, I guess I am a leader? Who knew...okay, so everyone but me. But the real reason I am writing about this topic, is because, if I am such a "leader" as many say that I am....ummm....than why don't I have any followers on my blog? :( I guess every good "leader" still needs some great PR! Someone help me out please!....I think I shall request my son to PRAY for some followers to come my way to give me some feedback on my blogs & just give me a purpose for my written madness! :)