Sunday, October 25, 2009

My First Real Blog

I have tried and tried to begin a blog, but have failed in my every effort. I guess to me, a blog is like my electronic diary. You should see my numerous attempts at maintaining a paper diary. Starting from a very young age (check out my 2nd grade picture in my blue dress!) I have tried and tried, and tried again to begin my own diary. The first few pages are jampacked with creative entries, most of which express my sincerest desires to make daily entries. Then, flip through the rest of the book, and you will see blank page after blank page. So today, as I make this entry, I make no false promises of daily blogging, but merely write what it is that I am feeling today. Perhaps blogging, which requires a completely different set of hand muscles than writing, will be my successful attempt at creating a personal diary--or journal, if you will. What truly makes this experience different is that THIS time, in the electronic world, this is a diary attempt that can be witnessed by many, or any. Gone are the days of my private attempts. But maybe this is my answer because I tend to do things better with an audience of some sorts. Course with this first entry, I haven't yet invited any viewers or attracted any followers. Who knows what tomorrow holds. But for now, I am going to cut this short and proclaim my first attempt at a post a success! Please be kind in your comments, but truthful critiques are always welcome! Welcome to Annie's World...may my Raney Day Tidbits prove helpful, entertaining or at the very least, a momentary escape from your daily routines and problems! That is what it does for me:)